Simplify Tracking with Construction Inventory Software: A Comprehensive Guide

Tracking your inventory can be a big challenge for construction professionals, especially when you have multiple projects going on at the same time. Luckily, technology has advanced in the construction industry, and construction inventory software has made the task more manageable than ever. 

Construction inventory software is designed to help construction companies streamline their inventory management processes, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency. In this helpful guide, we'll explore how this exciting new technology can help simplify tracking, the features that make inventory management easier, and why it’s a great investment for your business.

What Makes Construction Inventory Software Great? 

Let’s dig into what this innovative software does. Construction inventory software helps construction companies manage their inventory. It is carefully designed to track inventory levels, monitor product usage, and simplify ordering and delivery processes. Construction inventory software can help simplify tracking in several ways. 

Provides Inventory Visibility 

This level of software is an important investment because it provides real-time visibility into inventory levels. This transparency makes it easy to see when supplies are running low and when they need to be reordered, which helps construction professionals avoid costly delays due to inventory shortages. User comments and automated system notifications help keep your team up-to-date 24/7

Better Inventory Tracking

Construction inventory software can also help construction companies eliminate errors in inventory tracking. When inventory is tracked manually, it can be easy to make mistakes, such as miscounting or mislabeling products. When everyone involved in a project uses the same software, however, all data is entered and tracked digitally, which greatly reduces the likelihood of errors.

Generate Reports

One of the other great features of tracking software is that it has the ability to generate reports. Reporting can provide valuable insights into many aspects of your business, including inventory usage; for example, which materials are being used most frequently, and which are costing the most money. With this information at the tips of your fingers, construction professionals can make better informed decisions about inventory ordering and usage. All of this helps to reduce waste and control costs.

Manage Change Orders Easily

Although contracts are supposed to be the final step for projects, things happen and sometimes new needs arise and things need to get shifted around. If your customers discover new needs and requirements after a contract is signed, don’t panic. If you’re using management software within your company, you can easily manage a change order. Inventory software helps you estimate and manage change orders with easy contract price transparency.

Scan Barcodes to Track Inventory

Another perk of using a software like this is barcode scanning and the ability to manage inventory through a mobile app. The use of barcode scanning allows companies and project managers to accurately track inventory levels faster than before, which of course helps lessen the amount of errors. Mobile inventory management allows anyone working on a project to access inventory data from their phones or tablets, making it easier to manage inventory while on the go. Many apps are supported on both Android and iOS.

Improves Overall Efficiency

The bottom line is that tracking software is very helpful in improving the efficiency of any construction project that’s on your plate. When you automate more inventory management processes and make the process more visible to everyone involved, lowers the amount of time and resources it takes to manage inventory. This gives companies more time to focus on other important tasks, like completing construction projects on time and within budget. 

It’s a fast-moving world out there, and the homebuilding industry is embracing it.

How Does Home Builder Solutions’s Software Help You Track?

Home Builder Solution has created easy-to-use construction inventory software specifically for construction professionals. Our software includes many of the features we've discussed, such as real-time inventory tracking, report generation, and even accounting integration. It has efficient integration with Sage and QuickBooks both online and desktop to make your accounting a breeze.

It’s understandable that security might be a concern when switching from a manual process over to a new technology. However, this unique software is built natively in the Microsoft® cloud for best-in-class security and scalability world-wide. You don’t have to worry about being hacked or information being stolen. 

Home Builder Solution's construction inventory software elevates your reporting and makes it simple with its user-friendly reporting capabilities. Because your team has the ability to generate reports on inventory usage, your business can make better-informed decisions about ordering and usage, helping to control costs and reduce waste. The software also includes the ability to track supplier information, allowing construction companies to easily reorder supplies from preferred vendors.

Using construction inventory software gives your company a powerful edge. With Home Builder Solutions, your personal onboarding specialist will get your company set up, trained and comfortable. We make sure that everyone on your team feels comfortable using it before you launch it. 

Schedule your demo and check out Home Builder Solutions’s software today and see where technology can lead you.