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Home builder software designed to drive production with automated daily checklists keeping users focused and projects on schedule.

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Production Builders: HBS is the Solution You Need

HBS, our patented technology, was built from the ground up to solve the most common problems making the biggest impact on your business. For several years our development team has quietly been working closely with top production and spec builders on a unique approach that drives production by automatically keeping all team members, trade partners and even customers on task every day. Simply put, HBS makes your job easier while boosting your bottom line.

Efficiency is a Team Effort

We understand that today's production home builder, with a finite amount of resources, relies on efficiencies in production to reduce cycle-times in order to increase production. Increased production means a higher net income without increasing costly resources translating to more profits. We have learned this means having a strong, resourceful team,  a well-choreographed project schedule, frequent communication and team accountability. To achieve this HBS utilizes a unique relationship of key business components innately working together to keep your team focused and informed, eliminate repetitive mistakes and to keep projects on schedule.

Simply put, HBS always knows what needs to be done and who needs to do it. With this information HBS generates real-time personalized daily checklists for every user made up of tasks for which they are responsible and in need of their immediate attention. This means that their job is to simply keep their checklist clear which systematically drives production throughout your organization by efficiently managing your project schedule.

"What Gets Measured Gets Managed"

What has to be considered one of the most obvious words of wisdom ever shared is often the one most overlooked. How can anything left unmeasured ever be managed? HBS keeps every user accountable with consistent measured accounts of who did/didn't do what and when, as compared to what needed to be done to stay on schedule. It's this, along with clear daily directives, leaving no room for misinterpretation, that keeps the entire team on task. This is our checklist and the backbone of our platform.

Even when I am away from the office I can confidently keep up with what my team should be doing and what they actually did. HBS has given us transparency holding everyone accountable. If checklists are clear, we're on schedule. It's as simple as that!

Jeff Corbett - President, Premier Homes

Turn Your Team into Task-oriented Rock Stars

Growing a business such as building homes is not easy and the truth is software can only do so much. But with HBS in your tool belt you and your team will always know who and what is holding up production. Once our team gets yours up and running, reminding your staff, trade partners and customers to clear their HBS checklist, using the tools HBS provides, will effectively increase your production. That's our guarantee.

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