How to Boost Production for Your Home Builders Business

Recent statistics show that 20 percent of U.S. small businesses close within the first year. Maintaining and growing your business with home-build solutions is key to running a successful operation and keeping it from failing. It's best to have several techniques at your fingertips to ensure your homebuilding company grows.

Ways to improve production include using homebuilding software, streamlining your operations, and improving your marketing. Following these steps will ensure construction company growth. 

Here are ways to boost production for your homebuilding company. 


A recent study from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that 93 percent of small businesses use at least one technology platform to run their business. You're already behind if you aren't using the latest homebuilding software. You can use construction software in more ways than just fast home building.


Production software keeps track of your daily checklist. You'll know precisely what is expected of you each day. Checklists keep the construction process on time and schedule. 

You can also use production software to order certain materials on time. This ensures the construction process has what it needs as the home is built.

Moreover, you can use software to handle models of homes and different variations. It also handles bid requests and estimates for your homebuilding company. 


Home-build solutions software takes care of the business side of things too. 

Accounting software will save you time, sync financial data, and help with accuracy. It also works as a builder solution because it simplifies payroll. 

Home-build solutions software also allows you to integrate popular accounting programs. It readies all of these documents for your in-house or outside accounting team.


Keep customers at the forefront when using the software. The software allows them to see upgrades to the property or changes in the design. You can also easily share documents.

Builder solution software makes for accessible communication. 

Using software with customers in mind ensures fast home building. 


Several ways to streamline your construction business include analyzing the workflow, increasing cost efficiency, and managing time.

These home-build solutions can help you get more work done in your home construction business.

Analyze Workflow

Data will help you analyze workflow. You must collect and analyze data. 

It's essential to know how your employees work and where they can be more effective. For example, a builder solution to improve workflow means using the most talented and efficient people. Having them do a job that they aren't good at, but needs filling, makes for bad workflow. 

Reassign workers to projects where they can use their time better and do the job faster. 

Increase Cost Efficiency

Use your home builder software to determine what you're paying for materials. Can you get a better deal elsewhere? If you buy in bulk, will that save you money?

Talk with other home builders about where they source their materials. Sometimes, a few construction companies buying bulk items will save money.

Manage Time

Handling multiple construction projects can be time-consuming. When you're out on the construction site, what are you neglecting back at the office?

It's essential to delegate responsibility to those beneath you. However, you must make sure the job gets done.  

What are you doing to improve your time management? A software program can be effective in helping you get the job done. 

Invest in Your Employees

Hiring the best employee with a solid educational or training background will grow your construction business. Innovation will keep your business on top.

The best construction employees are up on the latest home design and construction trends. You can offer the 'latest and greatest' for building and remodeling. Your construction services will be in demand because of your team. 


Use a solid marketing plan to help boost the visibility of your construction business. Ways to do this include SEO blogging, social media, and direct mail.

SEO Blogging

Use blogs on your website using search engine optimization. SEO incorporates the most popular phrases and words in web searches into your web copy.

When people do a web search for 'new home construction' or 'construction companies near me,' you'll rank at the top.

SEO helps attract more people and traffic to your website. In turn, you'll see a boost in business.

Social Media

Seven in ten Americans use social media, according to Pew Research. If you're not using social media for your construction business, you're already behind. Social media uses videos, pictures, and testimonials to show potential customers your best work.

Use videos to walk through your properties. Show people the progress of your construction business with the latest kitchens, baths, living rooms, and outdoor living.

Social media posts have also gone viral. The ability to post one item and have it seen by thousands or even more is unreal. Your work will be seen by far more people than you ever imagined.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is inexpensive and highly targeted. 

People who open their mailboxes don't toss mail into the trash. People will open their mail and read it.

Many people also enjoy reading about new products and services with direct mail. Pamphlets and colorful brochures interest the reader if written and designed well.  

You can also track direct mail results. Include contact information, such as a website, email address, or phone number. You will know immediately how well your direct mail campaign was received.

Boosting Home-Build Solutions

The best ways to improve the production of your homebuilding company include using homebuilding software, streamlining your operations, and improving your marketing. Once you master these strategies, sales, and production will skyrocket. 

Construction software can help boost your construction production.

Let us show you how software can help you streamline your business, improve time management, and deal with your accounting. We will be with you every step of the way as you switch your construction business to a better technology system. Our software is the best on the market, and we will customize your home-build solutions to your needs.